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In MLB The Show 24, Stubs are a virtual currency that can be used to purchase items in various modes of the game, especially Diamond Dynasty mode. MLB 24 Stubs can be used to buy and sell player cards, items, and customization options, allowing players to enhance their team, acquire stronger players, and enjoy more victories. They are essential for buying gift packs, players, equipment, and other items within the game.

How to get Stubs in MLB The Show 24?

You can use the following methods to obtain Stubs after you enter MLB The Show 24:

  1. Buy MLB 24 Stubs: The easiest way to buy Stubs using real money at AHMLB.COM.
  2. Battle Royale: The key is to draft wisely and leverage your team's strengths.
  3. Ranked Program: Players can earn ratings and climb divisions by defeating opponents to unlock rewards.
  4. Events: The schedule for the feature premiere this year includes four main events, with a condensed timeline compared to the previous year.
  5. Team Affinity: MLB The Show 24 introduces significant changes to the Team Affinity program, now releasing three chapters per season, each with 30 new cards representing MLB teams, challenges, and rewards.
  6. Flipping: MLB The Show 24 Flipping involves finding the best cards to flip in the game to earn stubs quickly.
  7. Conquest: Take turns attacking territories, stealing your opponents’ fans, reinforcing your territories, and moving your fans to take control in the Conquest Map to earn a bounty of rewards including XP, Stubs, and Packs.
  8. Programs: Each Program has specific requirements and rewards, with the main seasonal Program rotating every two months.
  9. Clearing Duplicates: Get MLB 24 Stubs by selling duplicate player cards.
  10. Collections: This reward requires a considerable amount of time and skill to achieve, emphasizing the importance of both building a strong squad and improving gameplay abilities.

What Can We Do With Stubs in MLB The Show 24?

In MLB The Show 24, stubs are the primary in-game currency. You can use stubs for various purposes, including:

  1. Player Cards: You can use MLB The Show 24 Stubs to purchase player cards from the in-game marketplace. These cards can be used to build your team for Diamond Dynasty mode.
  2. Packs: The Show 24 Stubs can be used to buy packs of player cards, which can contain a variety of players, including rare and high-rated ones.
  3. Market Trading: You can use stubs to buy and sell player cards on the in-game marketplace. This allows you to build your team by acquiring specific players you need or to make stubs by trading cards at favorable prices.
  4. Diamond Dynasty: In Diamond Dynasty mode, stubs are used to purchase various items and services, including stadiums, uniforms, equipment, and more.
  5. Event Entries: Some special events or tournaments within the game may require stubs as an entry fee.
  6. Training and Upgrades: You may be able to use mlb 24 stubs to train or upgrade players within certain game modes, enhancing their skills and performance.

Overall, stubs are a versatile currency in MLB The Show 24, essential for building and improving your team, participating in events, and engaging with various aspects of the game's economy.


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