MLB The Show 24 Season 2: How to Build the Best Team?

Game: MLB The Show 24
Time: 2024-06-14 11:38:31
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Season 2 of MLB The Show 24 is officially underway, and it's time to strategize on how to build the most overpowered team. This guide below will detail some of the tips that will help us build a strong team in MLB The Show 24 Season 2.


1. Leverage Double XP Weekends


Double XP Weekends are a fantastic opportunity to advance quickly. Focus on playing as many games as possible during these periods to maximize your progress and rewards. This will help you unlock high-value cards and captains that are crucial for building a strong team.


Double XP Weekends are perfect for grinding towards player rewards and programs. Prioritize the following:


- Player Programs: Complete missions and moments to unlock player cards that can strengthen your team.
- Team Affinity: Work on Team Affinity programs to earn points and unlock various player cards and rewards.
- Ranked Seasons and Battle Royale: These modes offer competitive matches that yield high XP. Aim to play as many games as possible.


2. Choose the Right Captain: Luis Castillo


Currently, Luis Castillo is an excellent choice for a Cornerstone Captain. His boosts can significantly enhance your team's performance. The Inside Edge boost combined with Castillo’s own boost can make even lower-rated cards perform exceptionally well. If you don’t have the highest-rated cards yet, Castillo can still make your team competitive.


Why Luis Castillo?


Luis Castillo is a powerful choice for the Cornerstone Captain because of his unique boosts that can elevate the performance of your entire team. Here’s a breakdown of why he stands out:


- Versatile Boosts: Castillo provides significant boosts to both pitchers and hitters. His Inside Edge boost can elevate players' ratings by 10-15 points, making them perform well beyond their base stats.

- Enhancing Live Series Cards: Many players in the early stages of Season 2 will rely on Live Series cards. Castillo's boosts are particularly effective on these cards, making even lower-rated players competitive against higher-rated ones.

- Flexibility: Castillo's boosts apply to a wide range of players, allowing you to build a versatile team without being restricted to specific types or sets of cards.


3. Wild Card Strategy


Your Wild Card slot offers flexibility. Experiment with different players to see who best fits your strategy. Players like Willie Mays, Mookie Betts, and even supercharged Cal Raley are excellent options. Adjust your Wild Card based on the needs of your team and the specific matchups you are facing.


The Wild Card slot is a flexible position in your lineup that allows you to include any player, regardless of their set or season restrictions. This flexibility can be leveraged to:

- Counter specific opponents.
- Fill gaps in your lineup.
- Enhance overall team synergy.


4. Focus on Boost Synergy


Boosts can transform your lineup. For example, the Castillo boost can elevate your 89-rated cards to play like 91-rated cards, which is significant early in the season. Additionally, combining boosts from different captains can create a powerful synergy. For instance, using Luis Castillo alongside Nolan Arenado can provide substantial contact and power boosts to your lineup.


5. Pitching Matters


Pitching can be challenging, but focusing on specific pitchers can give you an edge. Players like T. Schoen, Chris Sale, and Roy Halladay have proven to be reliable. In the bullpen, look for players like L. Smith, Chapman, and Joan Duran who can perform under pressure. A strong bullpen can be the difference between winning and losing close games.


6. Utilize ShowZone for Team Building


ShowZone is an excellent tool for planning your team. It allows you to see which cards fit specific captains and boosts. By using filters, you can optimize your lineup based on available players and their strengths. This tool is especially useful for visualizing your team before making any purchases or adjustments.


7. Adapt to New Releases


As new cards and captains are released, stay flexible and be ready to adjust your team. Players like Rafael Devers, Giancarlo Stanton, and Corbin Carroll bring unique boosts that can benefit different play styles. Always keep an eye on new releases and how they can fit into your team strategy.


8. Tailor Your Team to Your Play Style


Your team should reflect how you like to play the game. Whether you prefer a power-hitting team or one built on speed and defense, make sure your lineup complements your strengths. For example, if you like playing at larger parks, prioritize fast outfielders who can cover more ground. If you prefer smaller parks, focus on power hitters who can take advantage of the shorter fences.


9. Continuous Improvement


Always be on the lookout for ways to improve your team. Engage with the community, watch for updates, and be ready to make changes as the meta evolves. Participating in events and completing collections can also provide valuable rewards that keep your team competitive.




Building the best team in Season 2 of MLB The Show 24 requires strategic planning, utilizing boosts effectively, and staying adaptable to new updates. By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to creating a dominant team that can compete at the highest levels.