What Are the New Improvements to MLB The Show 24 Gameplay?

Game: MLB The Show 24
Time: 2024-02-28 14:31:39
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The changes in MLB The Show 24 are what all fans have been waiting for that will enhance our gaming experience. Today San Diego Studio announced the new changes to the gameplay in MLB The Show 24 which will give players a more realistic baseball experience. AHMLB.COM will go over the new changes in MLB The Show 24 in detail below to help you quickly get used to the changes when you start the game.


1. New Animations


Roughly 400 new animations and logic improvements meticulously address any remaining areas needing attention focusing on fielder urgency.


The experience brought by New Animations


Smoother transitions: Animations are meticulously crafted to seamlessly blend into various situations, from routine plays to spectacular dives and last-ditch throws.


Increased fielder responsiveness: The new animations ensure fielders react with appropriate urgency, whether chasing down a fly ball, making a diving catch, or hustling to throw out a runner at the base.


Enhanced realism: These improvements aim to capture the subtle nuances of baseball movement, making the game feel more authentic and immersive.


2. New Throws

Added a variety of new 1B throws from the ground to all bases, that enable 1B to efficiently make throws from all overstretch scenarios.

This means first basemen will be able to make throws more efficiently even when they're caught off balance or fielding a ground ball in an awkward position.


The experience brought by New Throws


Improved defensive versatility: First basemen will no longer be limited by their positioning. They'll be able to make strong throws to any base, regardless of where they field the ball.


More strategic gameplay: This opens up new defensive strategies for players. They can position their first baseman more aggressively knowing they can still make throws to any base, even on balls hit to the opposite side of the field.


More realistic gameplay: This change better reflects the athleticism and throwing ability of modern-day first basemen, who are often expected to make difficult throws across the diamond.


Overall, the addition of these new throws is a welcome improvement for fans of MLB The Show. It adds a layer of depth and strategy to the game, while also making it more realistic and representative of the actual sport.


3. Pitcher Animations


To combat the new disengagement rule, additional animations will allow pitchers to step off to fake throw and potentially nab the runner trying to take advantage of the third disengagement.


The new rule allows baserunners on third base to attempt a "disengagement" from the base, essentially taking a small lead without being called out. This can create strategic advantages for the offense, putting pressure on the pitcher and potentially leading to stolen bases.


This addition adds a layer of strategic depth to pitching, encouraging players to think strategically about when and how to utilize the disengagement and the fake throw animations. It also rewards pitcher awareness and timing, as a well-executed fake throw can be a game-changer.


4. Base Sizes


Fans will also notice the new base sizes in ’24, and of course, we’ve captured new logic and tag animations to account for the extra coverage needed.


MLB The Show 24 faithfully reflects the real-life rule change of increased base sizes from 15 inches to 18 inches square. Overall, the inclusion of the new base sizes demonstrates the developers' commitment to realism and adapting the gameplay to reflect the latest changes in Major League Baseball.



5. Pinpoint Pitching


Four new pitching gestures have been included, bringing the number up to 14. We’ve also made some additional changes to the sinker, which is now more difficult to execute based on community feedback. Additionally, you’ll now also get to experience Pinpoint from the lefty’s perspective as all the gestures are flipped when throwing from that side.


These changes cater to different player preferences and skill levels. More options with Pinpoint gestures allow experienced players to potentially fine-tune their pitching, while the sinker adjustment aims to create a more balanced game. Additionally, the lefty Pinpoint experience offers inclusivity and a more realistic feel for players who prefer throwing lefty.


More changes


San Diego Studio will be announcing all the information about the changes to Diamond Dynasty on February 29th, so we can keep up to date with the changes here. In the meantime, AHMLB.COM will be updating this article with the Diamond Dynasty changes as soon as they are announced.