What New Negro League Legends Will Be Featured in MLB The Show 24?

Game: MLB The Show 24
Time: 2024-02-23 16:22:45
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In the recent MLB The Show 24 First Feature Premiere, San Diego Studio announced a lot of new content, including new legends. With the addition of new legendary players, there will be a new round of excitement for fans. Below we will give you a detailed introduction to the new legends that will appear in MLB The Show 24.


How Many New Legends are coming with Storylines in MLB 24?

MLB The Show 24's Storylines Season 2 will introduce a total of 10 new legends. Initially, four legends will be available at launch, with subsequent groups of legends being released every two weeks. The next set of 3 Negro Leagues players will arrive in a content drop in early April, and the last 3 players will arrive in an additional content drop at the end of May.


New Negro League Legends - April


New Negro League Legends - April


Larry Doby, Leon Day, and José Méndez are featured in new Negro Leagues Storylines in MLB The Show 24. These three players represent some of the most accomplished and influential figures in the history of the Negro Leagues, and their stories are now being told in the latest edition of MLB The Show.


Here are the 4 new legendaries that have been announced:


Josh Gibson – “The Black Babe Ruth”



Josh Gibson, a legendary figure in Negro Leagues history, is a prominent addition to MLB The Show 24. Known for his mythical power-hitting and all-around skills, Gibson's impact on the game was significant. Described as the "John Henry" of Negro Leagues history, his power hitting was both legendary and real. Gibson's hitting prowess extended beyond power, showcasing his skill as a great hitter with power. His ability to hit balls to various parts of the ballpark, hitting landmarks like trees and barns, highlighted his exceptional talent.


In the context of MLB The Show 24, Gibson's inclusion in Storylines Season 2 was highly anticipated, especially after being a notable absence in the previous season. The decision to stagger the release of legends like Gibson was part of a deliberate strategy to allow players to appreciate each legend's story and career fully. This approach aimed to give each legend their moment in the spotlight and ensure that players could immerse themselves in the content gradually.


Buck Leonard – “Baseball’s Greatest Fastball Hitter”



Buck Leonard, a legendary figure in Negro Leagues history, is a significant addition to MLB The Show 24's Storylines Season 2. Known for his smooth swing and hitting prowess, Leonard was a standout player who achieved remarkable feats during his career. Unlike many Negro League players who moved between teams based on financial incentives, Leonard remained loyal to one team for the majority of his career, showcasing his dedication and loyalty to the game.


Teaming up with Josh Gibson, Leonard formed a formidable duo that is often regarded as one of the best in baseball history. Their partnership on the field was legendary, with their combined skills and chemistry making them an unforgettable pair in the annals of baseball. Comparisons between Gibson and Leonard and their Major League counterparts like Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig highlight the caliber of talent present in the Negro Leagues.


Hank Aaron - “The Hammer”



While Aaron is already featured in the game, his early career in the Negro Leagues is highlighted in this season. Starting with the Indianapolis Clowns in 1952, Aaron's journey from the Negro Leagues to Major League Baseball is a testament to his talent and determination.


Aaron's inclusion in Storylines Season 2 not only celebrates his illustrious career but also sheds light on the talent nurtured in the Negro Leagues. His transition from the Negro Leagues to becoming one of baseball's all-time greats underscores the significance of the players who paved the way for future generations. Aaron's impact on the game and his role as a trailblazer is highlighted through his representation in MLB The Show 24.


Toni Stone – “The Trailblazer”



As one of three women to play professionally in the Negro Leagues, Stone made history by replacing Hank Aaron on his team's roster when he moved to the Major Leagues. Her inclusion in the game not only celebrates her as a tremendous pioneer but also recognizes her as a talented ballplayer who earned respect through her skills and dedication.


Stone's story exemplifies the opportunities created by the Negro Leagues for black and brown players, fueling dreams and possibilities for future generations. Her presence in MLB The Show 24 serves as a reminder of the platform provided by the Negro Leagues for players like her to showcase their talent and pave the way for inclusivity in professional baseball. Stone's legacy as a trailblazer and ballplayer is honored through her representation in the game.


The above legendary players will be announced when MLB The Show 24 is released, and the remaining players will be gradually announced as the game progresses.


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